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Suzuki Motorcycle DR 650, Best Mod Websites for a Suzuki 650

Suzuki Motorcycle DR 650 – Best Mod Websites for your Suzuki 650

Well, with some mild encouragement from my beautiful wife, I finally got my Suzuki 650 (Suzuki DR650SE) Tonight. What can I say about my first ride?

TeamMoto - Suzuki DR650SEThe DR 650 is an awesome and easy ride. The front lights are very bright and light up the road well. I’ll extend on this post as I go along and ensure I put the best DR 650 Sites, the best DR 650 Mods and Kits, and the Best DR 650 blogs so you can gain information and ideas about what you can do with your Suzuki 650!

Remember, the DR 650 is extremely customizable and you can mod it up in a heap of different ways.

Best Suzuki DR 650 Websites

http://www.teammoto.com.au/home.php – Phil and the team at TeamMoto Virginia (Brisbane) were professional and bloody good at their job. If you have the pleasure of dealing with them, just say MJ sent ya!

http://dr650.wikia.com/wiki/Main_Page –    Want to Buy and Mod your DR650 SE up? This page will make your mouth water! Looking at all the mods here (specific pages for all DR 650 Mods), makes me think it will be a work in progress – prices are awesome!

http://www.procycle.us/bikepages/dr650.html – Get some ideas from this site and the pricing isn’t too bad either. They post worldwide if you’re looking to save a buck or two (just make sure you get the right part!)

http://drriders.com/ – an excellent blog all about DR 650 motorcycles and a heap of awesome ideas on how to improve it for any condition you can think of!

http://www.advrider.com/ - This little site is not just about DR 650, it also has KLM, KTM, etc… It’s all about adventure riding the world – what a wonderful thought. Love the starting page with all the pics – particularly like the desert pics!

Best DR 650 Model Photos

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Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2010 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2009 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2008 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2007 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2006 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2005 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2004 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2003 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2002 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2001 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods

2000 Suzuki DR 650, Best Mods



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