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PayPal Here is HERE! What is PayPal Here and PayPal Here Review

PayPal Here Review!

What is PayPal Here? PayPal Here Credit Card iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad AppEasy – all round easy! It’s a little plug in credit card reader for your iPhone, iPod and iPad. It plugs directly into  your iPhone!

Interface – Easy to setup, and simple to use. This is a home run for PayPal. Setup of the PayPal Here App only took around 2 minutes. There was quite a wait for the device, but it does exactly as designed.

Another benefit of the PayPal Here App is that it will allow  you to take all payments including cash payments. You’re not charged for cash payments, it’s just a way to keep track of your money while you’re out on the road.

The PayPal Here Credit Card Reader is small and very portable. PayPal Here is going to save small businesses a lot of money. Think about the fact that you no longer have to pay hundreds of dollars for that mobile eftpos machine. There is no cost for the device, it’s just a service. So that means at most you’ll be looking at 2.1% and that fee depreciates the more you make per month (see the paypal fee structure)


PayPal Here on the iPhone

Paypal Here now available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch App

Enter your amount to be charged – simple easy buttons! PayPal Here Review

PayPal Here Collection Methods – PayPal, Credit Card, Cash and Invoice.

Use multiple methods of money collection with PayPal Here!

Plug your PayPal Here into your earphone jack and once it’s recognized it lets you know PayPal Here is ready to go!
PayPal Here Credit Card Scanner

PayPal Here reading a cardCredit Card Reader and PayPal Here

I love that PayPal Here allows you to send an invoice immediately either to mobile phone or email – brilliant!

PayPal Here Review

Tells you the order number, location and the purchase total – well done PayPal Here!

PayPal Here Review

Final word on the PayPal Here Review!

Now, be patient in getting the little device. It’s in trial at the moment and it will roll out pretty quick I would suggest. The trial of PayPal Here will definitely be about ironing out the bugs.

Remember, there is no need to buy an iPhone just to get 3G connectivity, simply use your current smartphone to hotspot your iPod Touch to it. The benefit of this is the most it has to cost you is $199 for a fully mobile money collection tool! Now that’s guaranteed to make PayPal Here a really cracker of an App, Device and customer service tool. Well done PayPal – your PayPal Here device is just a true touch of genius!



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