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Make an Email Address – Parent Help – Getting Online Now!

How to make an email address – Parent Help

It’s a big question for parents. How do I get my own email address or even make an email address. The school, new job, etc, want me to have an email address but I don’t even know how to make an email address or setup outlook (what is outlook? to start with, let alone setting it up).

Well these days it’s super easy. You have many choices as well and each come with their own good little individual tools. BUT if you’re just getting online stick with the one of the following:

make and email addressGmail- http://gmail.com

Gmail is my choice at this stage because it is simple, quick and very reliable. The Gmail account also allows you access to a whole heap of other “Google owned” tools and sites like YouTube.

To make an email address just go to http://gmail.com and click “Create an Account” on the right hand side. It’s a pretty big button and you can’t miss it.

*Important Read before you start creating please – choose an easy username and a complex password.

Username: Choose just your first and last name e.g. John.Smith@gmail.com now no doubt that might be taken, but it will automatically give you 5 other choices. Write the one you choose down if you need to.

Password: Choose a complex password. Complex meaning more than one word with symbols and numbers. e.g. something like – c@sper.gHost1 (note I have just replaced the a with an @ symbol for this password and capitalised the H in ghost). The easier you keep your password, the better it is for you. It is never recommended to write your passwords down at any time EVER. If you need to write it down, do it in a very secure place where your children don’t know about it. Remember it’s your password and your email address.

Fill in all your details and follow the onscreen instructions to make an email address. It’s super easy these days.

Once you have gone through these processes you will be able to “compose” an email – that is write an email to someone, and receive emails.

To sign back into your email account, just go to http://gmail.com and sign in using your username and password.

Need more help – go here to make an email address – http://mail.google.com/support/

Windows Live (formally HOTMAIL)

Hotmail is windows version of Gmail. I’m not a fan so if you want to know more about how to get a hotmail address please go to http://mail.live.com – however in saying that there are a lot of advantages in going for this type of system like windows live chat (formally MSN Messenger).


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