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Facebook Internet Security, Take My Lollipop Campaign – Parent Help

If you haven’t had a chance to checkout “Take This Lollipop.com” do yourself a favor and be aware of internet security – as demonstrated by Facebook with their little app that outlines internet security.Facebook, Internet Security - Online Privacy

Anyway, do yourself a favor and have a look. This is definitely the most freaky example of how important online privacy and facebook internet security is.

Parents – Get your kids to go to this site to explain your concerns!

This is most likely the best way to explain online safety to your children. It’s been done in a way that is disturbing and before getting your children to do it, perhaps you should do it as a parent.

Online Privacy is so important. Tips for online privacy and security should include the following checklist for your children:

1: Ensure your password is complex and can’t be guessed easy – Best thing to do is use a passphrase instead of a password – e.g. 1loveApple$Today – very hard to guess and really hard to crack! The symbol also adds to the complexity – the 1 instead of an I and the $ instead of a S. Simple for a human to remember, really hard for a computer algorithm to break!

2: Set your inbox to “friends only” under the privacy area of facebook

3: Always ensure you have the latest browser and security updates on your computer – Automatic updates are by far the best way to do this for internet security on facebook

4: Privacy Settings – Know and understand your privacy settings (drop down arrow next to home on your facebook homepage). Here you can edit “how you connect” – click edit settings and see what people can see of yours. You should have all your folders and pictures – friends only. Facebook keeps improving this area on almost a weekly basis, so please check back to see what improved security has been implemented.

Facebook Internet Security - Privacy Settings

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